330 Tune Up

330 Tune Up

valve adjust

The Series II 330 is new to our shop, and I’m trying my best to make a plan for the new owner on the maintenance and future projects for his “new” car. I reviewed the invoicing on this car, and even spoke to the previous owner about this particular car to get a feel for what has already been done. On one side, I want to make sure everything is up to snuff working as best as it can, but on the other hand, I don’t want to redo what has already been done and waste the new owner’s money. After researching the previous work, I discovered it’s been a long time since a valve adjustment, so that was one of the first things I did. Many of the adjusters showed wear, so it was worth replacing them to keep from damaging the tops of the valve stems.

Next came the ignition tuning, but before I took everything apart, I checked the engine timing and took notes on what needed adjusting. When the distributors came out, I found it a little oily underneath which pointed to a bad oil seal.
bad seal

After carefully marking the distributor gear position, I found a rock hard oil seal, removed it, and replaced it with a nice pliable new one. The other side was replaced for the same reason.
brake cable

Another item on my to-do list from the owner was to look at the parking brake. Getting underneath, I immediately found one problem. The parking brake cable was out of position and the drive shaft was rubbing away the sheathing. I’ll have to see if I can salvage this cable, and definitely secure it away from the spinning u-joint! The shoes were also worn, so a new set were ordered.

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