330 Radiator and Fuel Pump

330 Radiator and Fuel Pump

new Core

The radiator for the 330 came back from the radiator shop with a new core. The new brass core can get a little green corrosion on the end caps from the flux when the tanks were soldered in place, but a quick scrub and lick a paint will make this recored radiator look great!
radiator installed

I installed the radiator, fans, and hoses, and fired her up to watch for leaks. I got the engine up to operating temperature and waited for the fans to kick on. Everything seemed to be working well, and the fans were doing a good job keeping the temperature steady. While tuning the carbs, I noticed the carburetor fuel bowls were running dry without the aid of the electric fuel pump. Further investigation was needed on the mechanical fuel pump.
fuel pump diaphragm

After disassembling the mechanical fuel pump, I found why there may have been pumping issues. A part of the pump diaphragm had fractured, and I was sure having this piece rattling around inside the fuel pump wasn’t helping. Luckily, this part is replaced with a new diaphragm when a pump rebuild kit is ordered.
bad gaskets

The seals in the rest of the pump was not in any better shape as the alcohol in today’s modern fuel was doing a job at eating away all the old rubber parts. It would not have been much longer before this pump stopped working all together. The new seals are compatible with the modern fuels, so hopefully, they’ll get this pump back up to working efficiency!

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