PF Coupe Clean Up

PF Coupe Clean up

pinion leak

Last week, we found a pinion seal leak on a PF Coupe we have at the shop, so I got to work on it first thing this week.
drive shaft

The drive shaft had to come out first so I could get to the pinion yoke at the rear differential.

The rock hard seal came out without a fight and new pliable seal was installed.

I removed the surface rust on the drive shaft and applied a fresh coat of paint.

This PF Coupe is a very original car with super low mileage and even has its original Abarth exhaust system. It’s in pretty good shape, but was pretty crusty with a lot of surface rust. The owner wanted to clean up the underside of the car, and it was a lot easier to remove the exhaust system to clean and paint.

It was amazing how this 50 year old exhaust was so solid and rust free!
trunk floor

I cleaned and painted the trunk floor while I had the spare out.
belly pan

The original belly pan was in great shape, but needed some fresh paint after I degreased it.

The undercoating on the floor pans was in pretty bad shape. The areas above the exhaust system had peeled away and was not doing a good job a rust proofing the floors.

I donned my goggles and started the nasty job of scraping all the loose undercoating off the floor pans. With the loose stuff off, I prepped the area for a fresh light coat of undercoating.

The rear end was reassembled and cleaned and the under body was on its way to being presentable again!


Working on the PF Coupe at the shop this week gave me the perfect opportunity to announce some pretty cool news. A PF Coupe I worked on several times in the past few years was recently accepted to “Preservation Class” at Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance! David Eichenbaum’s PF Coupe SN 1747 was a car I helped find in Portland OR and prepare for a road rally about 4 years ago. Getting a car accepted to one of the most prestigious car shows in the world is quite an achievement, and we’re very excited to show off this special car. Congratulations David!

If you’re coming to the Radcliffe/ Spring Car show in Maryland, I’ll see you all there!

6th Annual Radcliffe/ Spring Car Show
12340 Owings Mills Boulevard
Reisterstown, Maryland 21136
Register to show at the Radcliffe Website or call  410-517-1681


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