GTC and GTC/4

GTC and GTC/4

wiper motor

Sorting out the little issues with the 330GTC I took a look at the windshield wipers. The complaint was the wipers arms did not park when the wipers were shut off. I was hoping this fix would be easy because with the Lucas electric motor in this system, you never know what could be wrong. There is a “park” adjustment on the wiper motor, but it required partially removing the wiper motor to gain access to the the adjustment.
park position

Luckily, it took a good cleaning of the contacts and a proper adjustment to make the wipers park in the correct position. 
cooling fans

I continued assembly of the 365GTC/4 at the shop and began putting more pieces together on the nose of the car including the headlights and the cooling fans.
bent shaft

I found one bent shaft on a fan motor, but luckily had a replacement.


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