GTC/4 Marker Lights, and Personal Cars

GTC/4 Marker Lights, and Personal Cars

marker light

The owner of the 365GTC/4 at the shop wanted to convert the large square US DOT marker lights to the smaller European marker lights. The square holes were eliminated months ago with steel patches but I needed to mark and drill holes for the new lights. After cutting holes for one side, I flipped my tape over to make a mirrored mounting template for the other side.

These smaller round lights looks so much better than the USA specification marker lights. The Department of Transportation, be damned!

Along with repairing some of the wiring on this car, I also installed a set of rebuilt brake calipers. The booster is out for rebuilding, but the brake system is coming together.

The chrome plating is back from my plater and the small horse that mounts to the rear panel is ready to be installed.

The slightly larger one that mounts in the grille looks just as good and was proudly placed in its rightful spot in the front of the car.
steering shaft

I found some time this week to work on a little problem I’ve been meaning to fix on my own Ferrari. I’ve been feeling a slight grinding on the steering box that just didn’t feel right and the only way to find the problem was to take the steering box apart. I hesitated doing this and risk putting my 330 America out of commission during prime driving season, but I needed to find out why the steering felt funny.
displaced bearing

After pulling main shaft out of the ZF Steering box, I quickly found the problem. A roller bearing had dislodged and was jambing up the smooth operation of the peg. Luckily, Francois had a NOS rebuild kit with new peg and bearings, so I changed everything out. Luckily, the old parts were not badly damaged, so they may still be good to hold on to, I can’t wait to try out the steering with the new parts installed!
my old 911

An old friend showed up at the shop last week, my old 911! The current owner met me through the grapevine after he started looking for previous owners of this 1972 911T. When I had it, I converted the stock body over to RS specs and enjoyed taking the car to Porsche Club Driver’s Education events in the early 90s. I eventually sold the car to help fund the restoration of my Ferrari, but I really missed that car!

The current owner continued my work on the car by putting a proper carburetored 2.7 engine but kept the paint color I picked over 15 years ago! The car is now competitive in PCA Club racing, and Dana has a lot of fun tearing up the back roads of CT when he’s not on the track. Its amazing the cops didn’t come looking for the car making all the racket as we hit 7K rpm down the road from the shop! Thanks for bringing the old car down for a visit Dana. Enjoy it as much as I did.


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