More Glass and Plans for Monterey!

More Glass and Plans for Monterey!

rear glass

I went back to the shop after last week’s disaster to change out the rear glass gasket. I was a little nervous about doing it since the front one cracked, but I really had no choice. I had to suck it up and just do it!
rear glass

The back glass was going to be a little easier since it was a lot less curved, so getting it to fit the hole required a lot less moving around.

After cleaning the aluminum pieces of the old residue and polishing all the pieces, I installed the rubber gasket and set it in place. The fit was perfect and the alignment was spot on. I went ahead and installed it the rest of the way.

The corners lined up well, and looked great.

The soft aluminum trim came through the installation process without a scratch, and I was very happy with the installation. Now if only the front one had gone in like this!

We manged to find a replacement front glass, but a miscommunication with the vendor had the glass arriving next Tuesday!? I guess ASAP has a different meaning to some people. After discussing it with the owner, Mark and I decided that there would still be enough time to install the front glass if we left the shipping arrangements the same. I felt I would rather have the glass arrive safely than pull the shipment to rush it and risk breaking it. It’s just going to be a frantic push to get this car done!

I installed the two side view mirrors on the car to check a couple more things off the list.
engine compartment

The hood was installed with the new hood pad and the little details were addressed, so now it’s just about waiting for the front windshield.

Although I have the FCA National Event on my mind in a week, I’m also planning on being in Monterey for the Quail Motorsports Gathering, and Pebble Beach. I’ll be sending a 275GTB to Quail, and I’ll be joining David Eichenbaum with is PF Coupe at Pebble Beach! To kick off the weekend I’ll be hosting my usual Cocktail Party at the back patio at Quail Lodge behind Edgar’s Restaurant. The party on August 15th will start at about 5:30pm and goes until about 8pm.

Last year I managed to get 2259, the Survivor GTE onto the lawn for the party. You may have seen the article I wrote about it in the latest issue of Forza.

There will be some food and an cash bar so come down and join us.


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