Help Me Find Pinkie Rollo!

Help Me Find Pinkie Rollo

NART Spyder

I have a  task that I need your help with . We have a customer that owns a very special car that is slated to attend a big car show in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The car is a 1967 NART Spyder that not only was in the Steve McQueen movie “The Thomas Crown Affair” driven by Faye Dunnaway, but before that it came in 2nd in class at the 12 Hour race in Sebring piloted by Denise McCluggage and Pinkie Rollo in 1967. McCluggage is the Honorary Chair of the Santa Fe Concorso, and it will be great to reunite her with this special car. The missing piece to this puzzle however is Pinkie Rollo.

I’ve done some research on the Internet and this is what I’ve found out so far:
Marianne “Pinkie” Rollo, b 1932
Married to second husband Reed Rollo.
First Husband Fred Windbridge, driver for Briggs Cunningham.
Maiden name Wheatley.
I believe they Marianne and Reed lived in the Washington DC area, maybe Virginia.
I found a Reed Rollo in the VA area that entered a BMW in a local race. Perhaps he’s their son?
I believe Pinkie’s husband Reed was a physicist.

I heard Denise McCluggage saw Mrs. Rollo a few years ago at a car event, but lost contact. I know with the help of the network of old racers, car enthusiasts, and Internet Savy researchers, I’ll have a better chance of finding what happened to Pinkie Rollo. If she can’t attend this event, we can at least find out what happened to her. If you find anything more than what I found here, please e-mail me. Thanks for your help!

***Update! Found her. Thanks everyone, and I’ll fill you all in on the details soon!***

cocktail party

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