SI 330

We’ve been sorting out a SI 330GT at the shop. The owner is waiting for us to finish testing and tuning so he can refurbish the interior and finish the restoration.
accelerator pedal

I’ve been checking the owner’s work and correcting the little details to make the car work perfectly. One area that needed attention was the clutch linkage and accelerator pedal assembly. I found the accelerator pedal was not getting full throttle, but once it was set correctly, there was the potential for interference with the clutch assembly.

When I set up the linkage to the clutch assembly, I found the accelerator pedal could jamb in place in the right conditions, so I made the appropriate adjustments. The tension spring linkage was only used on these SI 330s as the clutch pedals were changed with the Interim cars. Getting it just right took some fiddling.

I had a 330GTC back at the shop after a summer of driving by the owner. A small fuel leak developed by a fitting near the front suspension and we also had a list of “to-dos” to complete.
fuel leak

I found the fuel leak at the joint between the yellow fuel line and ferule. The best solution was to make up a new fuel line with new ferules and sealant to insure a leak free fit.


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