330 America To-Do List

330 America To-Do List

330 America

It’s always fun to have both mine and Michael’s 330 America in the same place. Michael has been wanting to get the car to me for a while, but with conflicting schedules we finally found some time for me to get this car down to my shop to sort out some issues.
window cable

One problem was the driver’s side window stopped working. After removing the door panel, I found the cable that pulls the window up and down had worn a groove in the clamp. Even with the screws tight, there was enough space for the cable to slip, so I fabricated a small shim to give the clamp some more grip on the cable. It took more time to take the door apart than to fix the window!

While I was driving the car back from Michael’s I heard a pretty significant growl coming from one of the wheels. Even with the car out of gear and coasting, the growl was still there, so I felt it was probably one of the wheel bearings. With the car up in the air I soon found the noise coming from the right front wheel. Spinning the wheel by hand, I could feel something grinding inside. To get to the bearing, I needed to remove the brake caliper and pull the hub assembly.
front hub

The grease was all burnt, and a couple of bearings were ground to dust inside the hub. We caught this issue just in time!

Another item on the list of things to do was to install a fire extinguisher. After looking at our options, Michael chose to mount it to the floor near the transmission. I often find customers without fire extinguishers in their Vintage Ferraris, or with one inside the trunk of the car. If there ever is a fire, seconds count, so getting to a fire bottle as soon as possible can make a big difference.


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