License Plate Bracket and Door Panels

License Plate Bracket and Door Panels

license plate light

We were looking at the 330GTS at the shop, sorting out the little details on the car when we noticed something missing at the rear of the car.

The lights for the license plates were mounted incorrectly.

There is supposed to be a bracket for the 330GTCs and GTSs that hold the lights and the plate. On this car, the lights were simply mounted on the body work, so with the lights on they didn’t do a good job at illuminating the plate.

Here’s a picture of a car with the correct brackets that are painted body color and lights mounted correctly.
fabricated brakets

We had a set fabricated before for another customer’s car missing the same brackets. Often times, these cars are painted, and these brackets are lost or discarded by the painters. This is probably what happened with the GTS at our shop. We’ll have to make another set to make everything right again.
C/4 door panel

I continued work on the 365GTC/4 this week by working on getting the interior back together. After making sure all the wiring inside the doors were hooked up correctly, I installed the door panels.

Before any of this was done. I installed new window felts on the panels. You can barely see them, but this is a small detail that finishes off the new interior.

While going through some boxes of parts in Francois’ stash, I found a steering wheel spacer that I asked if I could try on my car. After changing the studs to slightly longer ones so the spacer would fit, I installed it on my 330 America. I sometimes feel the steering wheel on my car is too close to the windshield, and wanted to see if this spacer would make a big difference. I also wanted to see if would change my driving position much by allowing me to move the seat back one more click. With Winter fast approaching in the Northeast, I hope I get some time to drive the Ferrari to try the spacer out!

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