Various 330 Issues

Various 330 Issues

license plate bracket

The license plate brackets were finished by our metal fabricators last week and I had to fit them to the car before we sent them out to be painted to match the color of the car.
incorrectly mounted

I suspect the original brackets were probably lost when the car was disassembled for paint, and whoever assembled the car simply drilled new holes in the body work to mount just the light fixtures. You can just make out the original holes by the license plate for the missing brackets.
mock up

The new brackets lined up with some of the original holes, but I’ll have to fill some of the extra holes that were drilled incorrectly. Now that everything is lined up and mounted, I can send the brackets out for painting.
cooked seal

We had a brake booster seize up on a 330 we have at the shop, and in the process the front brakes overheated. The rubber dust boot melted, and the caliper seal started to leak.
new seals

The only solution was to replace all the front seals. We have a air fitting that has been threaded to fit the Dunlop calipers to make popping the pistons out easy.
330 engine

I brought an engine to the shop for a rebuild. Unfortunately, this will not be a standard rebuild as the engine suffered a catastrophic failure.
head damage

A valve dropped inside a cylinder and proceeded to pound the head, valves, and piston to pieces. The damaged got worse when the piston disintegrated and rod was let loose to continue its destruction.
cracked liner

The end result was a broken cylinder liner when everything eventually stopped turning.

This was a fresh engine rebuild by another shop, and we may never know exactly how this all happened, but Francois and I are going to try to put all this back together. Luckily, the crankshaft survived the damage, but at least one liner will be needed, and a lot of repairs to get this all back together. 


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