Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

With two newly minted Ferrari owners added to my customer base, I thought it was fitting to be writing about fire extinguishers. I’ve unfortunately been involved in a couple of car fires, and have written about a couple of them on this blog. One of them can be found here. Looking back at the fire in that 308, I saw the owner try to put out the fire with a one pound Halon extinguisher that quickly ran out while the gasoline continued to burn. There’s nothing worse than having that helpless feeling when you have nothing left to put a fire out on your Ferrari! Since that fire, I try my best to carry at least a 2.5 pound extinguisher in my personal car. I like the dry chemical extinguishers because they’ll do the best job at putting out any type of fire. They leave a big mess to clean up, so some people prefer Halon. Whatever you use, any fire extinguisher is going to better than nothing.

We had a 330GTS at the shop that needed an extinguisher installed. We have found a nice place to put a bottle is below the passenger’s knees in the right foot well. Although screwing the bracket to the floorpan works most of the time, the design of the GTS’ seat allowed me to mount the fire bottle directly to the seat.

Fabricating a bracket allows the passenger to adjust the seat, and the extinguisher will move with the seat. We had a nice thick piece of aluminum to make the bracket, and with some bending, fitting, and paint, the bracket was mounted to the seat.

The fire bottle is now within easy reach of the driver and passenger, and not too intrusive to the passenger’s legroom.


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