Sunbeam Alpine Suspension

Sunbeam Alpine Suspension


I’ve owned a 1966 Sunbean Alpine for over 20 years.  It’s a little rough around the edges, but serves my purposes well during the summers. My daughter and I call the Alpine “The Ice Cream Car” as it serves regular duty getting local soft serve ice cream. I would eventually like to fix some of the rust and paint the little convertible, but having most of it’s orignal details is pretty neat. I decided however, to make the car a little safer by rebuilding the front suspension.

The car only has 50K miles on the odometer, but the rubber bushings are pretty shot. The ball joints look pretty good, but since I have everything apart, I might as well put new ones in. I’m trying my best to fight the urge to restore this car, but I will be powder coating the a-arms!
cross member

The suspension and engine on the Alpine attach to this cross member. With the engine supported, I pulled the crossmember out from under the car. It made taking the suspesnsion apart much easier. The leaky British motor did a nice job at preserving the parts with a coat of oil, but I’ll be cleaning everything up a little bit and painting some of the parts to last another 40 years.


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