We’ve had a GTE at the shop for a while trying to source rear end parts to complete a differential rebuild. The good news is the car is back together, all the noise and vibrations are now gone, and the car drives like a champ. Francois and I manged to take the car out for a test drive while the roads were still clear and dry and were were pleased with the results. It was just in the nick of time, as the New Year brought several inches of snow to the Northeast.

There are still tons of little details to complete on the 365GTC/4 we have at the shop. One little detail that was a missing was a trim piece on the edge of the dashboard.

Since the owner opted to have the dash upholstered in Leather instead of the orignal “Mouse Fur” material, I covered the trim pieces in leather as well.

It’s a little detail, but very obvious when missing.
sway bar link

The GTS at the shop is just about ready to go home except for a sway bar link with a bad bushing.

The old bushing had dislodged from the link, so the old one was pressed out and a new one pressed into place.


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