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Gullwing Cars


I was hired to inspect a 250GTE for sale at Gullwing Motorcars last week, so I went down between snowstorms to get a Pre Purchase Inspection done. Gullwing has a reputation of finding “barn fresh” cars from under every tattered car cover in America, but they also beat most every other car hunter at their own game.

I usually get a call about once every couple of months from a first time Vintage Ferrari buyer looking at a relatively cheap entry level Ferrari being offered at Gullwing. The phone conversation starts with a warning about what they can expect from a Gullwing car and that any “barn fresh” Ferrari is going to be expensive to fix. Restoration of one of the these cars can be a losing proposition, but if the buy in price is carefully negotiated, it can sometimes work out. The trick is to find the right car. The GTE in question was very original and had a lot of original bits still on the car. The seats were shot, but there might be a little more life in this car just before going under a complete restoration.

Speaking of Gullwing, I met a guy in Cavallino a couple of weeks ago that was considering a purchase of 365GT 2+2 being sold at Gullwing. I saw this car down at their warehouse back in December and didn’t give it much thought because I was told it had a non matching number engine installed. Non matching numbers cars usually command at least 10% less than a similar matching number car, and that was the same advice I gave this potential buyer.

After some a Pre Purchase inspection by a local Ferrari Dealership and some hard negotiations, the buyer decided buy the car. We talked at length about the car and its needs, and the new owner decided to send the car to our shop for some sorting. On closer inspection, it’s not a bad car. There is a long list of things to do, but it all starts with a standard tune up and valve adjustment. I always tell my new customers that it’s best to start with a base line on a newly purchased car. After we get the engine and mechanicals performing the best we can, then we can assess what can be improved, or repaired.

One area that scares me is work done by a previous owner in the electrial department. It’s not something I’m looking forward to sorting, but someone’s got to do it!


Save the Date! The 7th Annual Radcliffe/ Spring Car Show Saturday May 3rd 2014 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Introduction of the 330GT!
Spectators are free, but Registration of show cars are limited for a small fee. Details can be found on the Radcliffe Website.
You can also Richard Garre at:
Radcliffe Motorcars
12340 Owings Mills Boulevard
Reisterstown, Maryland 21136
Phone: 410-517-1681

Reminder: If you have a Ferrari related project, car, or idea you’d like to explore, I’d love to talk to you. I can also help if you’re thinking of buying or selling. This website represents what I love to do, and now it’s how I make a living, so if you’d like to do something together, let me know. It all begins with an e-mail!

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