365 Tank

365 Tank

fuel tank

I pulled the tanks out of a 365GT 2+2 about a week ago, and I got word back from my radiator repair shop that they found the leak in the tank. Ferrari switched to aluminum tanks on their production cars in the late 60s, and you would think that would put an end to rusty gas tanks, but evidently, aluminum tanks can still corrode! My radiator shop thinks it has something to do with the alcohol in the fuel systems and how it absorbs water. This mix seems to corroding the aluminum and causing these leaks.

After grinding away the fiberglass covering on the tank, they exposed the pinhole leak and prepped it for welding.

I took the tank to a welder so he could tig weld the pinhole up .

The material around the pinhole seemed pretty solid, but we’re going to seal the inside of the tank with gas tank sealer to coat the interior of the tank with a special resin. This fuel safe resin will seal the inside of the tank, and hopefully prevent any future leaks.  


Save the Date! The 7th Annual Radcliffe/Tomyang.net Spring Car Show Saturday May 3rd 2014 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Introduction of the 330GT!
Spectators are free, but Registration of show cars are limited for a small fee. Details can be found on the Radcliffe Website.
You can also Richard Garre at:
Radcliffe Motorcars
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Phone: 410-517-1681

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