Engine Assembly II

330 Engine Assembly II

Head Gaskets

After having to get the crank seal machined earlier in the week, I got back on track and assembled the bottom end of the 330 motor and installed the 7/12 head. I started the next day by installing the 1/6 head but first I had to fit the head gasket.

The previous shop installed oversize head studs when they rebuilt this engine the first time, and after inspecting them we decided they were fine to reuse. They cut oversize threads into the block and clearanced the holes in the heads for these studs Returning this back to the stock size would have been a very expensive exercise for hardly any gain. The only problem I found was when I went to fit the head gasket onto the block, the holes in the head gasket were cut for a stock stud, and these slightly thicker studs were not allowing the head gasket to drop down over all the studs. The composite head gasket had a steel core so I had to open some of the holes with a hand file to get the gasket to fit. Luckily, I didn’t have to go past the silicone bead on this gasket to make things fit. It’s little projects like these that add time and delays to an engine rebuild!

Another voracious consumer of time was fixing the rusted header flange on the exhaust header. With the 1/6 head mounted on the engine, I was able to mount the exhaust header so we could weld in a repair.
cut pipe

The old flange was pretty trashed, covered in braze and bent from years of over tightening, I decided to look for a new one. I called my friend Mike York at Timevalve Exhaust to pull in a favor. Since Mike’s business is fabricating exhaust systems for Ferraris, I knew he must have had a correct flange already made up for my needs. He popped it in the mail, and I had it ready for installation. What a time saver! Thanks Mike!
new pipe

I cut the bad section of header back to where there was good metal and fabricated a piece of thick tubing to weld in place. Francois tacked the piece in place and gas welded in the new piece.

With the welding done, I’ll clean up the extra weld and get it ready for the next project. While we were fixing the header, we saw it was missing one of the threaded stands that hold the heat shield in place. I’ll have to do some more fabricating next week!
cams installed

We’ve been on a tear trying to get this engine assembled. While I was fabricating the pieces for the header, Francois was checking the camshaft saddle clearances. Francois had to repair some of the previous work on the valve train, and now that the work was done, he had to make sure the rocker stands were properly aligned and had good clearance with his special camshaft reamer. With everything checked and reamed, we installed the camshaft and rockers.
timing chest

The next step was to install the timing case and connect the chain to the camshafts. We made quite a bit of progress this week despite all the little extra jobs that needed our attention. Next week, we’ll check the cam timing, install the ignition, intakes, and oil pan. She’s coming together nicely!

Save the Date! The 7th Annual Radcliffe/Tomyang.net Spring Car Show Saturday May 3rd 2014 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Introduction of the 330GT!
Spectators are free, but Registration of show cars are limited for a small fee. Details can be found on the Radcliffe Website.
You can also Richard Garre at:
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