365GT Windows

365 Windows

access hole

I drilled a new hole to access the winder mechanism to get the windows working again on this 365GT 2+2 at the shop. There were two sets of mounting points for window motors on the inside of the door, with clues telling me that the holes I was using was not original to what came from the factory. Ferrari must have made a design change to the window mechanism at some point because the mechanisms I got from Zac would only work in the second set of holes. Although all the window mechanisms were missing in this car when I got it, someone must have drilled new holes for a later winder mechanism. The problem was the second set of holes wouldn’t allow me to manually move the window with the manual crank. In order to test the mechanism before running the motor, a hole had to be drilled first to access the crank mechanism.

In the best of circumstances, the cable mechanisms in Vintage Ferrari windows are marginal, so retrofitting a system that came out of another car presented with it’s own set of challenges. The main issues with any Ferrari window mechanism is to keep the cable straight and untangled.
cable reeler

As the cable gets old and kinked, it catches on the reeler or other moving parts inside the door and causes the cable to jump off one of the rollers. Once the cable jumps, you have to restring the whole assembly. The problem with the electric motors is when something goes wrong, the cable is moving so fast, you end up with a tangled, kinked, and fubar-ed mess! Needless to say, making sure everything is operating smoothly with a manual crank handle is imperative before moving onto winding the window with an electric motor!

I didn’t have to worry too much about the motor that came with this winder as it wasn’t working. I have a replacement on order.
fuse panel

The wiring is coming along nicely. There were only two stray wires left when I transferred all wiring to the new fuse block as it was supposed to be. One extra wire went to a pressure switch wired into the A/C system that was added by a previous owner, but I have not figured out where the second wire went. So far, all the electrics on the car seemed to be hooked up, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.
she starts!

With the radiator, power steering pump cooler, fuel lines, fuel pump, and new fuse panel installed, I could finally fire up the car! So far so good with the process of getting this car back on the road!


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