Queen Door Panels, and GTE Weatherstripping

Queen Door Panels, and GTE Weatherstripping

door panel

I made good progress on the “Queen Mother” at the shop, but it was time to fix a problem with the door panel and some interior pieces.
arm rest

The 365GT 2+2’s passenger side door arm rest leather had shrunk and split the seams. Even though the door panel was also warped, the panel was salvageable enough for “driver status,” so we decided to simply have the arm rest refurbished. Since the interior is black, it will be easy to match the color of the arm rest and make the interior usable enough until the owner decides what to do at a later date.
vent window
I managed to get the windows working on the driver’s side by cleaning up the switches and exercising the motors and winder mechanisms. Even the vent windows on this car are electric, so we were lucky to get them working again. The right door is going to take some electrical modifications to get working, so stay tuned.
fuel sender

The fuel sender was refurnished and returned from my vendor and I reinstalled it in the car.

After putting a couple hundred miles on the GTE to shake down the mechanicals, she’s just about ready to go home. 
weather stripping

The weatherstripping at the bottom of the door was the last thing I needed to install. It’s a piece that is often missing on GTEs, but not on this one anymore!


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