Round Two with a Boxer

Round Two with a Boxer


After disconnecting EVERYTHING from the 512 Boxer engine it was carefully tilted forward and lifted out of the back of the car. It’s a massive unit with the gearbox attached to the bottom of the engine. After the engine was lowered onto a dolly, the first order of business was to degrease and wash the engine clean.
valve adjustment

Before I replaced the belt on this engine, I checked the valve clearance. Only a handful of shims needed to be swapped out to get the valves within the spec.

We discussed with the owner about changing out the soft fuel lines on this car, and it’s a good thing we didn’t wait any longer. Here’s a crack forming on the bridge pipe between the two tanks. If this hose were left alone to split all the way, all the contents of both tanks would have leaked onto the ground!

Set the Date! Fall Party
October 25th, 2014 1pm-5ish
Westbrook, CT.
Vintage Ferrari gathering in New England. Come join Tomyang.netters for an afternoon of fun, food, and Ferrari talk!
Please contact me to RSVP and for directions to the party!


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