Round III with a Boxer

Round III with a Boxer

lower pully bearing

After all the work, we finally got to the timing belts, the reason for the engine out service. With new timing belts, we’re also replacing the lower pulley bearings. The water pump housing will come out to change out the WP seal, oil seal, and bearings.
shift shaft

This car had a couple of oil leaks, and a main leak was coming from the shifter linkage. With the main shift shaft removed, the little o-ring could be fished out and replaced.
shift shaft seal

The o-ring was pretty brittle and it was no wonder oil was leaking out past this seal. Unfortunately, when the replacement came in the mail, it was the wrong size! The fit of this o-ring is pretty precise, so I didn’t want to throw any o-ring we had in our stock into the gear box, so we’re waiting for this tiny little part to arrive so we can continue with the job. As always, it’s a tiny part like this that can stall a major job like this for days!
engine compartment

We cleaned the engine compartment to ready it for the engine to go back in. New fuel pumps were installed, since one of them was causing issues with the fuel injection, and new fuel lines were also installed.

The insulating tins were also cleaned and polished a little to make everything nice. Now, we wait for parts!

Set the Date! Fall Party
October 25th, 2014 1pm-5ish
Westbrook, CT.
Vintage Ferrari gathering in New England. Come join Tomyang.netters for an afternoon of fun, food, and Ferrari talk!
Please contact me to RSVP and for directions to the party!


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