Shocks, Stamps, and a Drive


shock eye

It took literally tons offorce to get the old shock bushings out of the shock absorbers so we could install new ones. Before we tried to install new ones, I sanded off the paint from inside of the shock eye so the new bushings will go in easier. I used to paint the shocks first before installing the bushings, but have found the eyes get so banged up pressing the bushings in that more time was spent touching up the nicks and scratches than masking off the bushings.

wheel rim

The owner of the GTB/4 wanted to get the correct Campagnolo wheels for his car, which are 7X14 inch wheels. I found a set of cores with good hubs, but they’ll need to be painted. The numbers stamped on the rims on this set were pretty faded, and it would have been a shame to have these wheels painted without making these stamps more defined.


I had a custom set of stamps made by sending a stamp company a wheel with legible numbers stamped. I now have a set of stamps that can make the numbers more defined on 7X14 wheels!


As the Northeast gets ready for winter, my clients are getting their cars ready for winter. Some cars have lists of winter projects, while others are simply getting stored for the cold weather. One customer lives in Rhode Island, and wanted to get his car to me for some minor work before the weather got nasty. We talked about the best way to get the car to us, and I decided the easiest and least expensive way was to drive the car! I rented a car one way to my client’s town, met him at the rental car return, had lunch in Newport, and drove the car 200 miles back West. The car performed flawlessly, and I couldn’t have asked for a better Fall day to enjoy the drive.