Booster School


The brakes on the 275GTB/4 needed attention. They hadn’t been bled in a while, and the fluid was pretty dark. Upon disassembly of the master cylinder, I found some old seals and a slightly pitted bore. I decided this was the best time to have the M/C resleeved and rebuilt with new seals. I noted the order of the seals, and waited for the sleeving process.


I talked a friend of mine who rebuilds brake boosters to show me what’s involved with rebuilding a master vac unit. Since the unit on the 275GTB/4 needed to be replated, it would have been a waste of effort if we didn’t rebuild the innards. We used this unit along with a couple of other spare units we had at the shop to teach me the tricks and the use of some special tools.


After my lessons on the Master Vac brake booster, we turned our attention to the hydrovac unit which is found on many 250 and 330 Vintage Ferraris.

With some more practice and guidance from my good friend, I hope to learn how to service the two three units I see a year at our shop!