PF Cab Fuel Sender and Valve Adjustment



We continued work on the Series I PF Cab at the shop. Our goal is to get it safe for the road, and it good mechanical shape. We’re also going to replace some of the carpets that are definintely incorrect, but with the intention the general “patina” intact.


I had to take a look at why the fuel gauge wasn’t working, and it became an easy fix. After pulling the sender out of the tank, it became obvious the sender was missing a ground wire. Without a ground, the sender couldn’t change the resistance of the sender voltage that moved the needle on the gauge. With the sender out, I took a peek inside the tank to check its condition. I was pleasantly surprised to see very little rust inside the tank. I think we may be able to change the old fuel lines and call it a day!


This inside plug 250 engine has the old “Mouse Trap” springs for the valvtrain. There is a conversion available to change these springs to the more conventional valve springs, but we’re going to leave well enough alone. There were no broken springs, and so signs of abnormal wear that showed up in the valve adjustment. I will clean up the red RTV, install a new valve cover gasket, and put this car back in service!