275GTB/4 Final Detailing


The 275GTB/4 detailing is coming to completion, but it has not been without sleepless nights worrying about making the deadline of Cavallino. The car still needs some interior work and the detailer needs his time to get the car looking as good as it can. My job was to deliver it to the other shops so they can have their time to work on the car. My biggest hold up has been with the windshield frames. The plater found some porosity in the weld joint of the frame that when he went to plate the pieces, an inperfection would show through the plating. The front windshield frame even had a section added to the frame when it was made, and it added more imperfections to the surface of the plating. We couldn’t accept the imperfections, so more work was needed on the frames. Windshield frames are very tricky pieces on these cars and are trouble enough in the best of circumstances, so you can imagine the loss of sleep on my part with the tight deadline! We have no choice, but to deliver the car to the upholsterer without the windshields installed, and will get them in later. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


The engine compartment detailing is looking pretty good, and I spent a lot of time staring at the engine making sure I didn’t forget some little detail. Each part represented a particular challenge to overcome like sourcing the right clamps, or finding the right hose.


Some details proved harder than others, like the nickel plated water pipes. A previous shop decided to polish and chrome plate the pipes which was not the original finish. We had the pipes stripped and tried to reproduce the correct stippled finish of the water pipe, but ran into problems. These pipes are notorious for getting pinholes from rust, and we found a couple during the process of finishing the pipe. We brazed up the holes, and finally acheived the textured look we wanted, but what a struggle!