365GT 2+2 Service


Despite the work on the 275GTB/4 for Cavallino, I still had obligations back at Francois’ shop, so I started a tune up and valve adjustment on a 365GT 2+2. This car is no stranger to Francois, as it belonged to a long time customer of his before it was sold to a new customer of ours. The new owner has had it for about a year, and has really enjoyed it, but it was due for a service and list of “to-dos” the owner sent with the car.


This is a late production car with a lot of pollution controls installed on the engine. Before a valve adjustment could be performed, all of these devices would have to be disconnected. I have not seen other 365GT 2+2s with the red igniton wires and gold cadmium plated wire keepers. They’re more common on Daytonas. Perhaps Ferrari started installing these wires on the late 2+2s? Anyone else see these on the Queens? If anyone has a late 365, please contact me so I can compare details.


I managed to get the 1/6 bank of valves adjusted, and they were checking out healthy with only a couple of worn adjusters. The usual oil leaks will have to be addressed, but so far so good.