Last Minute Headaches Before Cavallino



After working on the 365, I stopped by the Collector Car Garage to check the clutch, as there was a comlaint that it was grabbing low. We removed the clutch resevoir a few months ago for cleaning a plating, and bled the system before we delivered the car. The fluid that came out of the clutch slave did not look good There was no idea when the hydraulic system was last bled, but with the time crunch, we bled the system, and found it working fine when it left our shop. As I got under the car, I got a sinking feeling when I saw a puddle of fluid forming under the car. The clutch slave cylinder was leaking. Luckily, we had a spare clutch slave cylinder at the shop, but the car was leaving on Monday. I realized I would be working over the weekend!


After getting the slave cylinder out, you can see how bad it was. I managed to bleed the system, and stop the leak. My only concern now was if the slave cylinder looked like this, what did the clutch master look like? With only a day to go before the car needed to go on the truck, we had to go with what we had. I guess I’m going to have a couple more sleepless nights before all of this is over!