Cavallino Friday


I spent Friday working with the guys at Collector Car Garage prepping the cars for the Saturday show. We filled a Passport Transport Truck with 6 cars, four of which would be on the lawn at Cavallino! Although I was mainly focused on the 275GTB/4 for this show, I also had to make sure all the mechanical bits were working on this Europa as well.


Each car had to be checked and double checked for all the things the judges would be looking for. Bringing cars down from the Northeast has its specific problems that I learned through the years. The cars will often sit inside a cold truck usually well below freezing in January eventually reaching the nice sunny climate of South Florida which can be in the 80s. This temperature change will cause just the right amount of oxidation to form of 40 year old contacts to wreak havoc with light switches and light bulbs. I often use contact paste and dielectric grease on critical contacts, but sometimes it simply takes some exercising of the switches to get things to work again. Going through our check list on Friday was better than finding out on Show Day!