What’s happening in the Vintage Ferrari World

There’s a lot of buzz in the world of Vintage Ferraris these days. Prices keep going up, and just when I think it’s going to level off, a new record is broken at another auction. This is good news for sellers and bad news for buyers, but it affects us owners as well. Insurance premiums will go up if we want to insure our cars properly, and quite honestly, the rising prices only mean something to us when it’s time to sell, otherwise it’s just a liability. Most of us die-hard owners have no reason to sell, and hope to own our cars for a long time. I have struggled with selling my 330 America several times in the past several years, but what can I buy to replace it? All the other Ferraris on my wish list are at least 10-20% more than what I could get for my car, and spending the “college fund” is not an option! I consider myself lucky to have a Vintage Ferrari at all, so I have no complaints.

I’d like to steer the conversation away from prices and focus more on the enjoyment of these cars. Isn’t that why you’re here in the first place?

Spring is coming, and it’s time to announce the 8th annual Tomyang.net/Radcliffe Spring Car Show!

Richard Garre and I have hosted this car show to celebrate all types of machinery, focusing on Italian Cars. There’s parking for about 100 cars, so call Richard early to register a space.

Radcliffe Motorcars

12340 Owings Mills Boulevard
Reisterstown, Maryland 21136
Phone: 410-517-1681 


2015 is the year the Pacific Ferrari Club Region will host the National meet in Monterey. It coincides with the Monterey Historic Races and the Pebble Beach Concours. Concorso Italinano is also that weekend, on the 15th of August and has invited Ferrari 250GTEs a special parking place on the lawn during that event. Several 250GTEs and a couple of 330 Americas, including mine, will be shipped from the East Coast to join in the festivities. There was a gathering of GTEs in the Netherlands in 2014 that brought together 15 GTEs together, and we have a good chance of beating that record. I will be keeping you up to date on the schedules and activities as they’re made, but here’s a rough list of activities during the Monterey Week:

8/13/15 Tomyang.net Cocktail Party at Quail Lodge 6pm-

8/15/15 Concorso Italiano Ferrari GTE Gathering, and after show party

8/17/15 Ferrari Club National Event Concours

If you’re thinking about bringing your GTE/330 America to these events, contact me.


Speaking of GTEs, we have a new editor for the GTE Newsletter:

The 250 GTE Newsletter is back!


David Wheeler, who owns 2713GT, and lives in Virginia has recently taken over as editor of the Ferrari 250 GTE Newsletter and he and Tom Wilson will continue to work on updating the Register for these cars. David is keen to attract GTE owners (and those who are simply enthusiasts of these beautiful cars) to sign up for the Newsletter. There will be four issues per year of this publication which was started by Len Miller over 30 years ago and the price is $40 including postage to anywhere in the world. Payments can be made by check, Paypal or bank transfer.

To receive your complimentary copy of the current edition (David’s first) contact him via email: David@Ferrari250GTE.com or by ‘phone on 703 999 7646


I welcome David to the new position and look forward to working with him in contributing to the newsletter.