Pebble Beach Aspirations

I received a phone call the other day from a customer about an old friend, a 250GTE that I found in Tacoma WA several years ago after being stored for over 40 years. Larry, the owner, and I brought that car back to life and resurrected a true survivor car back in 2011. The phone call was to tell me he was entering the Ferrari”Preservation Class” at Pebble Beach and wanted to know if I was interested in showing it with him! I was honored to have the opportunity, and told him I would help in any way that I could.

If you need a refresher on this car, you can search “2259” in my blog and seem most of the posts I wrote about the work and resurrection, but the first announcement can be found here:

Here’s a video I shot back in 2010 when Larry saw the car for the first time.

“Preservation Class” at Pebble Beach is very competitive, so I don’t know if we would ever win anything, but even getting accepted will be an achievement. I’ve seen a lot of “Survivor” cars, that barely qualify, but this one is truly worthy of the class, and I would love the opportunity to show it on the lawn at Pebble Beach. I know it sometimes takes more than just an application to get into this prestigious show, so I need your help to get this car accepted! If you know anyone on the selection committee, or can put a good word in for us, I would be deeply indebted!