A new 330


A car I’ve known for many years arrived at our shop for some work. She’s owned by a good friend on mine, and I’m looking forward to sorting out a few things.


This car is a Series II 330, and looks pretty nice. She doesn’t look like she’s missing much in the engine compartment, but there are a few minor issues that need some attention.


The interior is pretty clean as well, but the seats are starting to show some age. The bottom cushion on the driver’s side was previously replaced, but all the other seating surfaces on the front seats are starting to wear through.


The hope is to match the color so we won’t have to replace the complete interior, but I’ll let my upholsterer assess the situation.


The biggest problem with this car was the clutch was starting to feel funny to the owner, and by the time the car was delivered to the shop, the clutch was in full failure mode. The clutch pedal would only hold for about 3 seconds before loosing pressure and releasing the clutch. I managed to make it into the garage under power, but just. You can see evidence of the leaking clutch slave from the brake fluid damage to the paint on the belly pan.


With belly pan removed, the culprit was revealed. There were some non stock items installed on the clutch slave cylinder which we’ll address while we’re refurbishing the system. The push-rod doesn’t seem right, and the washers that space the clutch slave out from the bell housing should be solid aluminum spacers. I’ll look for some aluminum stock around the shop to make the correct spacers.


The slave cylinder on these cars does not clear frame rail and fuel lines when studs are installed. These cylinders were probably installed on the transmission while it was on the bench but it’s a lot harder to use these studs when the transmission is mounted in place. The only way to remove the slave with this set up is to remove the stud. Installing it in reverse is no easier. Our solution is to replace these studs with bolts. Access is much easier, with a lot less cursing.


The thread pitch on the transmission side is 1.25 while the nut side is 1.00 pitch. I used the stud to match a bolt with a 1.25 pitch end. The next time someone has to replace this clutch slave many years from now, they will thank me for making his job a lot easier. You’re welcome!


It’s already April, so don’t forget about the 8th annual Tomyang.net/Radcliffe Spring Car Show!

May 2, 2015

Richard Garre and I have hosted this car show to celebrate all types of machinery, focusing on Italian Cars. There’s parking for about 100 cars, so call Richard early to register a space.

Radcliffe Motorcars

12340 Owings Mills Boulevard
Reisterstown, Maryland 21136
Phone: 410-517-1681


The Monterey Week in August is starting to build momentum. I heard there will be at least 15 GTE/330 Americas scheduled to attend Concorso. If you want more information, contact

David Wheeler: David@Ferrari250GTE.com

Tom Wilson: tom@ferrari250gte.com

I just registered my 330 America for the FCA event and booked the transport!