330 GT Progress

I’ve been looking for an elusive rear transmission mount for weeks that goes on a SII 330 I have at the shop. I found something close, but would need some time to make a spacer to make work. I wanted to look a litte harder when I got a call from an old friend and fellow Ferrari owner, Andrew Stevens, telling me about his new job at Maranello Classic Parts in the UK. http://www.ferrariparts.co.uk/ I’ve always heard of Maranello Consessionares in the UK, and how they ended up with much of Ferraris NOS parts in a warehouse near London, now I had a friend “on the inside!” I asked Andrew to do me a favor and see if they might have the part for this 330. Within a day, Andrew forwarded this e-mail:

Hello Andrew
Further to our telephone conversation concerning part number 520925/R. The dimensions of the one we have available from our  stock are as follows.
OD 50mm
ID 16mm
Length 66.5mm
As discussed this part must be installed with Loctite 638
Best Regards
Mark Bell
Parts Sales Advisor

Perfect! I ordered the part immediately and waited for it to arrive from England. The rumor was it the last one they had on the shelf, but I told the guys they would be getting calls for this bushing because I had at least two other owners looking for this same part!


It’s a couple of thousandths smaller, but as the e-mail stated, loctite would secure the bushing in place. I’m looking forward to doing more business with Maranello Classic Parts and maybe Andrew can even take some pictures of the legendary warehouse with all the NOS Vintage Ferrari parts for us! Thanks Andrew!


With the bushing installed, I could finally install the transmission and get this clutch job moving forward!


The engine detailing continued on the other side of the shop on the SI 330. New fuel lines were fabricated, and the ignition system was installed and sorted. It brings me a lot of joy to see all the little details corrected in this engine compartment. She’s come a long way.


As the engine compartment came together, I needed clean up and paint other sub assemblies. With the brake system drained for rebuilding, now was the time to clean and paint the brake reservoir bracket.