Lusso Starter


After such good results with the installation of a high torque starter in a 330 GTC a few weeks ago, we decided to put one in another customer’s Lusso. The Lusso was having trouble every once in a while starting, and we knew the starter would have to come out eventually for rebuilding. After Francois saw how much easier the new high torque starter worked on Vintage Ferraris, he asked to order one for the Lusso.


The Lusso starter only required removal of the rear most header access the starter, so it was pretty straightforward job.


The only trouble was access to the 16mm bolts that hold the starter in place. There’s not much room to turn these nuts on the 250 engines, but we had specially ground down wrenches just for this job.


This job was going too smoothl, so I felt something was bound to slow things down, and sure enough it was in the new replacement starter. When I tried to slip the new starter in place, the body hit the block of the engine. Looking at the starter, I could see several holes in the adapter plate machined to fit several different cars, and if I reoriented the starter motor over one set of holes, the starter would fit. I marked the adapter plate on the starter in case I needed to go back to how I got the unit and made the change. Everything slid perfectly in place, and I finished the job.