SI 330GT 2+2 Brakes


This week we had a SI 330 down at the shop for us to work on the engine, but the first thing I noticed was the brakes were not working correctly. In order for us to tune the engine and drive the car, we needed to get the brakes working properly. so I looked a little closer.


After bypassing everything but the M/C I was able to get good pedal pressure. This narrowed down the problem to the Hydrovac boosters mounted in the engine compartment. Even though these boosters were rebuilt, something was not working correctly.


Another issue I noticed was the rubber inside the resevoir caps was deteriorating. Although I hoped this was an unrelated issue, normal brake fluid should not be disolving the rubber on the brake system.


Coincidentally, I’ve been working on another SI 330’s brakes and have been learning how to rebuild these boosters.


I learned how to disassemble, check for wear, hone the internal cylinders, and replace all the seals to rebuild these boosters. I even bought a hydraulic brake booster testing machine, rebuilt it, and learned how to use it to test these systems. These two boosters have been rebuilt and tested to work perfectly, so they were ready to go back in the car.


I installed them and began the brake bleeding process. Once I make sure this system is working, I’ll take the blue car’s boosters out and see what’s going on. With the recent rebuild fresh in my mind, I should be able to spot the problem! Fall Party!

October 3rd, 2015

Westbrook, CT


The Greenspans have generously offered to host another Fall Party at their house in Westbook, CT to celebrate the Platinum Preservation Award their 330 America won at the Ferrari Club National event this past August in Monterey. Please contact me for more information and join us for a day of good food, good conversation, and of course Vintage Ferraris!