330 Brakes and 275 Points


Last week I had a problem with a set of boosters installed on a Series I 330GT 2+2. These boosters were rebuilt by another shop, but they weren’t working quite right. I’m learning how to troubleshoot these boosters and rebuild them myself, and found one of the problems was a leaking vacuum canister.


The best way to correct a vacuum leak at the press fit bridge pipe was to braze the connection, but the heat was going to burn a little of the plating away. Luckily, the damage isn’t easily seen when installed on the car, and I painted the blemish with some silver paint.


I resealed both units, tested them on my Bendix tester, and was happy to get good pedal pressure. Although there are a ton of little things to learn on these units, I’m happy to be progressing and succeeding!


I was still puzzled by the deterioration of the rubber on the reservoirs. I removed them to keep them from spoiling the new brake fluid, but new gaskets will have to be made.


I think the better material to use for these seals will be cork.


We had another yellow car arrive at the shop for a tune up. This one was a four cam 275GTB.


There was some signs of moisture and corrosion inside the distributors, and the points were getting pretty worn. A new set of points were installed and I checked them for phase on the Sun Distributor Machine.


After making some headway on the blue SI 330, I turned my attention to the silver 330. The brakes on this car are still giving a little bit of a headache. There’s still some air in the system, but I’ll get it whipped!  It’s getting close to going home, but I have just a couple details left.