Tie Rod Ends and Searching for a Tank


I was hoping to have the tank on the 365GT 2+2 welded or patched but it wasn’t looking good. I think I found a replacement, but it’s going to take a few days to get it in the mail.


There were several holes and the more I poked and scraped, the more potential leaks I found in the old one.


The bottom of the tank sat on a piece of insulation that absorbed some water through the years. This caused the aluminum to rot and get very thin.


After I made the repair to the rusty trunk floor under the fuel tank, I found the source of the moisture. Although this car a very rust free example, the drain tube from the fuel filler had shrunk and pulled away from the hole in the floor for the drain. Instead of draining out of the bottom of the trunk, any water that got into the fuel filler area drained into the insulation below the fuel tank.


You can see the fuel filler area and its drain hole. I extended the tube so this won’t happen again.


While inspecting the front suspension, I found a really worn tie rod end! New parts are on order!


While I have the car, I’m going to refinish the steering wheel. The varnish was peeling off, and the wood was getting stained.