330 Fender Profiles


I stopped by my paint shop to take a look at the progress on a 330GTC they’re painting for me.


There are a couple of small cracks and rust spots that came up that we need to repair before we continue, but there is a discussion we’re having on what the correct profile is on the wheel arches.


It looks like the rear wheel arch lip has a thin flat profile along the rim on this car.


The front wheel arches seem to not have this flat lip, but have a more rounded lip all the way around the arch.

There seems to be an opinion that both front and rear wheel arches should be rounded, but some cars I’ve seen have the fronts rounded with the rear with a flat edge. I’d love to survey as many GTCs out there to see what you may have to get some  kind of consensus. The ideal cars would be original unrestored cars with original fender profiles, but I’ll take what I can get.


I looked in my photo archive and found a picture of this GTC I worked on many years ago. This was an original paint car with about 20K miles and it looks like the rear wheel arch is slightly rounded. It may have a slight lip to it, but the edge is not pronounced like what I have on the GTC we’re currently painting. I’d be curious to hear from other GTC owners!