Winter Projects


After completing the inspection for the Ferrari Classique program with Michael’s 330 America, I was all ready to send the car back to his house for winter storage, but Michael had other plans.




The carburetors on his 330 America have never been great. Through the years, the throttle shafts have slowly developed some play, causing small vacuum leaks which affected the tuning. Getting the carbs to run right at certain temperatures would always be a compromise. Michael decided to go ahead and pull the trigger and have Pierce Manifold work their magic on his carbs this winter, so the first job was to pull the carbs off this 330.



It will be the first set of carbs I will send to Mike Pierce for his rebuild service, and I hope these carbs turn out well. I can see evidence of previous work done on these carbs, and I hope Mike can straighten them all out!


The PF Cab is going to need a little more work before we receive a Classique Red Book. Luckily, they are only minor issues and the big items, like serial numbers, internal numbers, and original parts passed scrutiny. The only two items I needed to correct is an original style exhaust, and a generator. I ordered an original style Abarth exhaust from Timevalve in Florida, and it should be completed in a month or so. Mike York of Timevalve worked very closely with long time Ferrari Restorer Greg Jones to replicate the original Abarth Exhausts and makes them in any configuration I need. When the exhaust comes in, I’ll install it, photograph it, and send it to the Classique department for review and approval. The same will go with the generator when I install it on the car.



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