330 Radiator


A black SII 330 we’ve had at the shop recently changed hands. I met the potential buyer one day a few weeks ago for a test drive. He liked the freshly rebuilt engine, and agreed with me that it was a well sorted car.


I may have spoken too quickly because as soon as we pulled back into the parking lot, I saw a fine spray of coolant coming out of the radiator! Even though the radiator core had recently been replaced, a small pinhole leak had developed along one of the seams of the radiator. Luckily, the owner was not discouraged with this development and agreed to buy the car.


My job today was was to pull the radiator and have the pinhole leak soldered up, but first, the hood had to be removed.


With the radiator out, I had to remove the condenser to make soldering and pressure testing the radiator easier for my radiator shop.


Speaking of radiators, the Daytona radiator we had re-cored a couple of weeks ago was installed and filled with coolant. Another job out the door at Francois’ shop!



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