330 Hood Pad


I had to install a hood pad on a SI 330 we had at the shop, but first we had to do something about the hood pad stays that were missing on this car.


Francois had a pair of these aluminum stays in his stash of spare parts. One of them was a perfect fit, but the other one needed some cutting and bending to fit this hood.


These aluminum pieces have a very specific profile and are not easily copied so we were lucky to have a set to modify. It looks like the 250GTE Hood stays have a deeper bend on the ends, while this SI 330 had a shallower bend in the tab.


I carefully measured, cut, and bent the piece that needed fitting, substituting a rag for the soon to be installed hood pad to get the clearance right.


I drilled new holes in the newly cut and bent ends and counter sunk the holes like the other original piece. I also shaped the ends to match the other stay.


The Hood Pad came from HVL in the Netherlands.  Henk has been supplying accurate leather and interior materials for Ferraris for many years, and really works hard at providing us with some nice stuff. I’ve tried other hood pads supplied to me from the States, but so far, HVL has the most correct mylar material used on 330s and 365s. He also has the patterns for either a 330 or a 365 hood pad.  It’s a bit more work and money to have this part shipped from the Netherlands, but when I don’t have to do anything but install it on a car, it’s well worth it!


After sanding and polishing the hood pad stays, I installed them over the newly installed hood pad. With all pieces correctly plated, polished, and installed, this hood is ready to go back on the car.



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