SII 330 Interior and Air Filters


A SII 330 came back from the upholsterer this week. It’s amazing I can still drive a Ferrari on the roads in CT without snow on the ground. The mild winter has kept us pretty busy with the ability to keep the flow of cars between shops! The drive back was also enjoyable!


Although the fading late afternoon sun made the last picture of the car look blue in color, it’s actually a silver car. The original interior color was blue, and the owner and I tried our best to pick a color close to the original, while also tastefully matching it to the rest of the colors on the car.


I find colors very hard to pick off of little swatches of leather when trying to envision it on a full interior, but I am very happy with the choice. I think the owner will be pleased.


We had a couple small issues that needed to be addressed. The driver’s side door mechanism wasn’t working correctly, and I had to fabricate a new arm to connect the lock with the door mechanism. The old arm was not adjustable, and wasn’t working properly. I fabricated a similar arm, but added a slip joint so it could be adjusted in length so the door locks could operate perfectly.


I didn’t get a chance to finish the tuning on the carburetors when my upholsterer was ready to begin the interior, so I finished tuning it now that the car came back. After getting the carbs balanced perfectly, the final part of the tuning was to install the air cleaner and see if any further adjustments would be needed. Unfortunately, the old air filters were really in need of replacement.


These FISPA elements were supposed to cleanable, but the filtering material was just about all gone. There wasn’t much filtering happening with these elements. I’m on the hunt for the right paper filter replacement for this car. There seem to be several choices for filters because there may be several different filter housings. Trying to find one by measuring the dimensions hasn’t turned up a match, but a quick search on the forums gave a lead on two sizes. The two filters came in and neither one fit!, The Purolator filter A33591 wasn’t tall enough, and the  Napa filter 2148 was also too short. I’m starting to think these were meant for a GTC air cleaner that looks the same as a 330GT 2+2 filter housing, but is lower in profile. I’ll keep these two filters to check them on a GTC the next time one is in our shop. My normal supplier says he has one, and it’s on it way to me in the mail. Hopefully I’ll have a solution soon!