non Ethanol Fuel


We’ve had an extraordinarily mild winter in Upstate NY this year and I’ve been enjoying my cars as much as I can. Running carburetor cars on a regular basis is much better than simply putting them away for several months during the snowy weather. As you saw from my last post, modern fuels can really do damage to the internal passageways in a carburetor car.



Luckily, there is a solution I’m trying on my Ferrari that is available in my area. Non-Ethanol fuel is now available in select stations in upstate NY. The local landscapers and snowmobilers use it, and I just filled my Ferrari with it to see if there is any difference. I’m sure there are similar products in other parts of the country.

I won’t get into reasons we’re forced to have at least 10% ethanol added to our fuel supply but if there’s a choice to use pure gasoline to feed my carburetor, I will!