275GTS Weatherstripping


One of the hardest things to do on a restoration is hunting down parts that may not have been available for years on an old Ferrari. Old parts books may show the parts, but it takes a very knowledgeable supplier to know exactly what goes where and how to get it.

I’m currently working on a 275GTS and know a lot of these pieces are similar on a 330GTC/GTS, so let’s see if you guys can help me. The elusive parts I’m looking for are labelled “2” and “2A” on the Pininfarina parts book, and goes on the inside of the door on the forward edge and is pop riveted in place.


We’ve managed to find “2” but from what I’m hearing “2A” is “No Longer Available.” Is this true, or does someone know a source? We can reuse one piece that is decent, but need to find another one, or two new pieces. They’re not simple U shaped pieces in profile, but have a rib running along the top edge.

There’s an Italian rubber manufacturer that I can order from, but good luck trying to make sense of what they have without diagrams and drawings!




Going for broke, I would also love to find weather stripping “4” pictured in the diagram. Thanks!