Dino Drive, and 330 America Carburetors


I took the FIAT Dino out for drive yesterday to test the new ignition system, and everything seemed to work fine except for an occasional miss. It seems to happen the same time the tachometer seems to sweep wildly. There wasn’t any specific time this would happen, and it was very brief before things would recover. I checked all the electrical connections, but I’m going to take a closer look at the points and the distributor. More testing and tuning!


A set of Weber DCZ/6 carburetors came back from Pierce Manifold after one of their “soup to nuts” rebuilds. They flattened out the base plates, re-bored the barrels to true them up, replaced the worn throttle shafts, and eliminated the grooves the throttle plates made from the worn throttle shafts. It wasn’t cheap, but I was interested to see the difference with these essentially new carbs!


The old carburetors allowed the engine to run OK, but as things warmed up, the air leaks in the base plates and throttle shafts made the idle run high. Tuning the carbs to run well was a challenge, and whatever you did, it was always a compromise.


The new carbs eliminated all the high idle issues and made tuning much more sensitive. It was nice not to have to compromise on the tuning to overcome the worn parts!