Daytona Tire Wear


We have a Daytona in the shop that needed to have some tire wear issues addressed.


The last time this car was at our shop, we noticed the outside edge of the front two tires were wearing faster than the rest of the tire. In this picture, you can see the wear on the right side of the tire. Michelin XWX tires are over $600 a tire, so fixing an alignment issue or other issue will save wearing out tires prematurely. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just a bad alignment, but a couple of worn ball joints and some worn tie rod ends. Francois’ experience is when one part of the suspension wears, the others will soon follow, so we’re going to change all of it while we have the suspension apart.


I carefully measured the length of the tie rods before replacing the old ones with the new ones so the alignment would close enough until we got the car aligned on an alignment rack.