Kids and Car Shows


I took the 330 America to Lime Rock in Connecticut for the car show over Labor Day Weekend. Lime Rock is close to my home, and it’s an easy no-commitments car show that I can come and go when I please. These days, I get so busy working on cars, looking at cars, talking about cars, and thinking about cars, it’s sometimes hard to take my personal car to a car show, but when my daughter asked to go, how could I have refused?


My daughter has joined me for a few car shows before and says she enjoys attending. I’m very sensitive to making sure she doesn’t feel forced to go to these events because I know of several owners that can’t get their kids involved with their cars. You can’t force it on them, but when they’re into it, consider yourself lucky.

It was a bright sunny day, and we found another advantage to have a GTE/330 America for a car show, the trunk area made a very nice shady place to sit and “tailgate!”


Although I’ve known my 330 America longer than my daughter, I can’t but help to think how connected all these things are. My wife and I made a big change with the arrival of our daughter 12 years ago, and much of it was attributed to the purchase of my 330 America. As the prices for these cars continue to rise, I am often approached to sell, but with each passing year, and additional memory I have with this car and family, I find the car inexorably linked to my life. It’s still NOT FOR SALE.


Speaking of Car Shows, Ferrari of North America is hosting a  Concours during the Ferrari Challenge at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. The invitation is open to Pre-80s Ferraris, and they are seeking applications. Suzy Hiniker of the New England Region Ferrari Club is the point person, so if you’d like to be a guest of Ferrari North America at Lime Rock, contact Suzy:

I’m trying to juggle my schedule to attend!