Sent to see an Espada


A customer of mine asked me to take a look at a Lamborghini Espada. The car was in St Louis, and was a very low mileage unrestored example.


My specialty is Vintage Ferraris and I try my best not to stray from what I know well, and feel it is in my customer’s best interest to pay me for what I know, however, there are certain similarities in Italian automobiles that can translate from one make to another. I promised to do the best that could in assessing the condition of the car, and to confirm its originality.


Espadas are an aquired taste, but there is a strong following for people who love them. I was impressed with the handling and the ease of driving.


The engine pulled strongly and despite a few oil leaks, looked in pretty good order. These are rare cars, and having a low mileage example that has not be molested is even rarer. After some negotiations on behalf of the buyer, we bought the car. Now all I have to do is find someone else to fix these oil leaks!



Ferrari of North America is hosting a  Concours during the Ferrari Challenge at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. The invitation is open to Pre-80s Ferraris, and they are seeking applications. Suzy Hiniker of the New England Region Ferrari Club is the point person, so if you’d like to be a guest of Ferrari North America at Lime Rock September 24th 2016, contact Suzy:

Lime Rock Park

Vintage Ferrari Concours

September 24th 2016

Ferrari NA is hosting a Vintage Ferrari event during the Ferrari Challenge.