365GT Engine Removal


I have a 365GT 2+2 that I keep at a personal shop. It’s a project that will require an engine and transmission rebuild which I’ll be doing at Francois’ shop, but first I had to pull these units out!


The Ferrari 5 speed transmission is a monster, and on the 365GT 2+2 it’s made even harder to remove with the torque tube that has to be removed before it will come out. I had my friend Peter assist me with this job, but we still struggled to get this damn thing out.


After struggling under the car to get the transmission out of the car, it felt easy to get the engine out until we got to the exhaust manifolds…Someone had welded the headers to the exhaust system which made them harder to move out of the way to clear the engine. We found a solution, but a few choice words were used during the process!


Although it was a full hard day of work, we accomplished what I needed to do, which was to pull the engine and transmission out of this “Queen” and get them down to Francois’ shop for rebuilding this winter!