Annual Pledge Drive

It’s that time of the year again when I look back at what this website has brought to you and to ask for your support to keep it going. It’s kind of crazy to think this website has been around for 17 years, longer than Ferrarichat, and only a year younger than Google! Although this site is not nearly as popular as either one of those sites, I’m still proud of the place it holds in the Vintage Ferrari community, and this pledge drive allows you to show your support.

I’ve always published this website with you, the viewer, in mind. I look forward to posting at least once or twice a week to share what I’ve learned or seen in the Vintage Ferrari world with you. Some of you benefit immensely by finding ways to fix your personal cars, while others are entertained by trials and tribulations of Ferrari ownership. Whatever your perspective, this is a way to show your support for what I do!

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Looking over the cars I worked on this past year, there has been a ton of them! Some of them were in for basic service like this 400GT.


Every one of these cars brings back a memory for me of the work we did. The SII 330 had the interior redone, and the 330GTS had a tune up.


This green 330GTS had the suspension rebuilt and the shock mounts welded.


This short nose 275 had the transmission repaired.


There were times this past year when we had so many Vintage Ferraris at the shop, we barely had room to work!


I wasn’t slaving away all the time, however. After fixing them, we would take these cars out for short test drives so we could reap the rewards of our labor!


Working at the shop, I often forget how rare these cars are, and how rarely the public gets to see them up close.


Even pedestrian 2+2 Ferraris are getting their notice in the market.


Along with the work I have at Francois’ shop, I started doing some side projects of my own at a warehouse closer to my home. It was the only way to keep up with the work!


Work this Fall spanned the ages of Ferrari production with this Ellena…

70177_1 this 412!


But my proudest moment this year was when we won a Platinum and Preservation Class Awards for a special low mileage Ferrari 330GTC. Although I worked extensively to get this car to this level, the irony was I had very little to do with the nearly 50 years of preservation. It still was a great moment!


Thanks for following this website, and contributing.

For those who prefer to send a check through the mail, my mailing address LLC

P.O. Box 36

Hollowville, NY 12530