SI 330 Oil


Yale’s transmission has been reassembled, but before I put it in the car, I topped off the overdrive unit with 30 weight Non Detergent (ND) motor oil. According to the manufacturer, these Laycock DeNormanville units specifically need 30 weight oil to shift properly, and back in the day when they were mated to an English made transmission, both units used the same grade oil. Early Ferrari units shared the oil as well, but required a thicker oil for the transmission side, so some of the early PF Coupes and GTE had overdrive shifting issues, but later transmissions used split cases that separated the oil. This transmission has a split case, so a separate fill plug is for the overdrive unit.


With the transmission installed and interior back in the car, I hoped this would be the last time in a while I would be seeing the inner workings of this car. It’s been a long winding path with this 330, but I hope we’re back on the straight and narrow!


It wouldn’t be Yale’s Ferrari if there wasn’t a little hiccup, and as I put the car back down on the ground, I saw some gear oil dripping on one of the rear wheels. Normally, I would suspect the axle seal was bad, but we had changed this seal recently, and it seemed the inside of the hub was more wet with oil than anywhere else.


I decided to clean the hub out, remove the axle nut, and try sealing the washer and nut with some RTV. Sometimes, even with a new hub seal, oil will work its way past the splines of the axle and out behind the nut. Although there was RTV from before, it looked like it was time to reapply. Let’s hope this stops the oil from leaking!



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